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Shoof International Ltd is a developer, manufacturer, importer, marketer and exporter of agricultural and veterinary equipment. Shoof is constantly searching world markets to find new and innovative products for the New Zealand, Australian and Chilean animal breeding and veterinary industries. Offers of new products will be welcomed. Shoof is also continually developing new and innovative agricultural products for export to the world.

Shoof International Ltd was formed in New Zealand in 1973 to develop and market its own inventions such as the Cattle Shoof and Horse Shoof to the New Zealand agricultural and veterinary industries. It quickly became apparent that these new items were of interest to farmers and veterinarians around the world, so Shoof began establishing distributors in markets world-wide.

In the 1980s Shoof began sourcing animal and veterinary equipment products from around the world to distribute in rural areas of Australia and New Zealand. These products are now represented in Farmer's Catalogues in New Zealand, Australian and Chile, and a specialist Veterinary Catalogue in New Zealand only.

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